We Are Pet-Friendly


We are a pet-friendly Bed & Breakfast. There is a dog that lives in the private area of the house. He is exceptionally well behaved and comfortable with guests and other dogs. (We always take his side in any disputes.)

It is our pleasure to welcome you and your well behaved dog to our Bed & Breakfast.

Our pet rules are pretty simple. The pet owner is required to sign a form acknowledging these policies and responsibilities.

If you book just one room you should know there could be a guest with a dog in the other room. Thanks for your understanding.


Pet Rules:

  •  Very well behaved pets are welcome with responsible parents/owners. Sorry, we allow dogs only.
  • Dogs must be registered at the time of booking, or in the case of walk-ins, at the time of check-in. Guest who do not register their dog or bring non-approved pets into a guest room or the common area will be charged a $100 fee.
  • A fee of $20 per night for the dog (+ GST / up to 5 nights) will be charged to cover cleaning. We do accept no more than 2 small/medium size dogs or 1 large per room (second dog add. $10.00 per night). If one room is already booked with a dog we don’t take a dog in the second room, sorry.
  •  Included in your rate are dog supplies like towels for muddy feet, plastic bags for poop scooping, a soft dog blanket for those who wish to be on the couch with their owners, and … a special treat!
  • We will supply bowls for food and water and a medium size dog bed (one in a room) but, however, we ask you to bring your dogs favourite bedding and bowl.
  • Our beds have thousands of dollars worth of bedding for your comfort and the comfort of others. Any kind of pets are NOT ALLOWED IN OR ON ANY BED!!
  •  We do ask that you do not leave a dog unattended in the rooms or any part of the Bed & Breakfast area.
  • We expect that dogs will not disturb other guests by barking or whining or misbehaviour.
  • Please avoid any confrontation with other pets while on the property and area.
  • Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their dog on the Bed & Breakfast property as well as in and around the Summervillage and the Lake.
  •  Dogs should be clean and free of all ticks and fleas.
  •  Wet feet and coats must be wiped before entry into the Bed & Breakfast.
  • The pet owners are responsible in FULL for any damages created as a result of the pet!


The above rules are for the comfort of all of our guests and staff. Guest who do not follow these guidelines may be asked to leave without refund of room charges.